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Luxury Hijab Collection

Silk Collection

Luxury Goods, Clothing, Handbags

Cotton Collection

The Robin Lisa New York Hijabs were created for the growing desire of women to have a collection of everyday luxurious modest wear. We believe that every woman should have clothing so versatile that it can be worn every day or to her most important occasion, without having to compromise her values, style, or function.  We believe that women can dress modestly and still feel beautiful and confident!


Everything starts in our design studio in the fashion capital of the world - New York. We research the best materials & design our Hijabs to bring out your own personal sense of style.  Our soft Hijabs are made of either 100% Turkish silk twill or 100% Turkish cotton and are printed with our original designs that often incorporate our Robin Lisa cat characters in a contrast of colors.  These fun, yet sophisticated works of art will be a welcome addition to your collection.

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